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Interlocking Rubber Tile

Time:2018-04-26 09:53:22

Product Details:

 Interlocking Rubber Tile

Interlocking Rubber TileOYT2204610x610x13/2524x24x0.5/0.98black/red/green/blue/grey

Material:   SBR recycled rubber grain /EPDM Eco-friendly rubber grain ;

Application:Used for sports area, well look, wear-resistant and non slip,to prevent  unnecessary damage.

Product features:many specifications,Good elasticity, Non slip surface suitable for sports ground. It Can be produced according to the requirements of a variety of ways to connect. The products can be laid directly and installed with the adhesive. Part of the unique style of personalized products can be achieved with this application,to make the floor pad more safe.

Product Photos:

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